Our Services

Training & Development Programmes

We have experience of designing and delivering a wide range of training programmes, whether they are for small groups of staff or to be rolled out to thousands. We cover learning topics such as leadership and management development which are common to most organizations but are often asked to produce very specific programmes of learning relevant only to that one organization.


Team Development & Conflict Resolution

Your problem may not be a lack of knowledge and skills within your team, but how they are choosing to work together. All teams can improve their performance through better collaboration and understanding and our team-building events are designed to help groups of staff work more effectively together. Sometimes though there are more serious barriers to overcome and we will work with teams to resolve significant inter-personal relationship problems that stand in the way of the team achieving it’s objectives.


Coaching for excellence

Our experienced coaches can provide one-to-one support for key individuals at all levels in your organization to enhance their leadership performance and to assist individuals to meet specified targets and to improve overall performance


Psychometric Assessment Services

We use psychometric instruments in many aspects of our work— to provide insight into problems in team functioning; as an element in coaching; and to help to formulate personal learning plans as part of group learning activities. We also assist organizations with recruitment and selection activities through the design and delivery of assessment centres. All our staff and associates are accredited with the British Psychological Society.